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Natural Cedarwood Garment Care Block

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$10 NZD

100% Natural and Sustainable Moth Prevention

Safe for pets and children. 

Eco friendly - Eliminates the need for chemicals or plastics.

Made from red cedarwood this block naturally repels moths, pests, mildew and mustiness. It helps to absorb moisture and odours while providing a light clean "forest" scent that is only noticeable when brought close to the nose.

Care: It is the oil within the cedar that gives it the anti-moth quality. Please gently sand every 3 months to bring the wood's natural oils to the surface. Alternatively, you can place a drop of Naural Cedarwood Essential Oil onto the block as well to refresh its effectiveness.  

Size Small : L 56mm, W 38mm, H 13mm

Size Large: L 95mm, W 58mm, H 15mm

Please note: Due to customs/border requirements this item cannot be shipped to some countries. For more information please contact us and we can provide information on where to purchase in your country.