Size Guides

One thing that bothered us from our own shopping experiences was sizes... in particular,

*Feeling like we could only be shopping in a certain section of a store
*Getting frustrated at the difference of the same size, between different stores
*Having to remember what size fitted us, in which of the stores we shopped from
*Being so used to seeing a certain number on our tags, that we felt anything else was just not acceptable

Because we love that we are all unique in height and shape, we want to do things differently....
This is why we have created a small size range that will fit and suit multiple sizes.
We have a 2 sizes 'fits most' approach that we have tested on a multitude of different people that range from size 6 or XS to size 18 or XL and vary in height from 152cm to 192cm.

  • Size 1:¬†approx. size 6 - 11¬† or XS to M
  • Size 2:¬†approx. 11 - 15¬† ( In some cases 18¬†this is noted on the individual items in the details section.) or M to L/XL

Same Same but Different

If you are ordering the same item in a different colour / composition, the feel may vary ever so slightly, as different fibres and yarn thicknesses will wear differently. Please take this into account when placing your order. Please remember that the hem of the garment will sit differently on you vs. on the model, depending on your height and measurements. Just send us a message if you have any questions.

If you are worried about the fit, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you to find the perfect item, or to custom make to your preference.


Happy Shopping