Ethically made, right here, by us.


Grandpa furiously knittingWhen people think of knitting, they tend to think about a rocking chair, fireplace, and Gran/pa's needles furiously working on yet another scratchy item.
We have taken all the sentimental parts of this and integrated it with our unique process to create treasured for life items that can be passed down through generations.

We want people to move away from the robotic regiment of daily dressing to a place where there is joy in what we wear. Charly creates knits that are based on the idea of a keepsake sweater.  Something that was traditionally handcrafted by someone you knew to represent all your favourite things and fondest memories.

Founder Charlotte, loves the reminiscence of that and the simple optimism within it, so she draws inspiration from her past travels, experiences and favourite places. Each sweater and each colour represents a moment in time, past but not forgotten, resulting in pieces that ingrain/ charge every day with a quiet specialness.

‘Have less but better, select rather than accumulate.’ 

NZ Charly Knitwear is based around slow fashion. A forever-piece concept where local, regenerative and sustainable yarns are key to producing low-waste, ethical products. The soft NZ Merino wool and luxury cashmere pieces are made in small batches with a local company. Charlotte states “ there is freedom and trust in working with a small number of people which makes the working process really enjoyable for me.’ 

Reflecting on her time in the industry Charlotte states “I wanted to change the way collections were structured, I felt like designers were constantly in this race to force out “new ideas” which resulted in everything just looking the same, .. I found that the essence and speciality of the designs were lost in that mass-producing race and I stopped enjoying what I was doing. It felt superfluous and wasteful. I prefer to do it at my pace, a slower and more reflective process and I believe my customers can feel the difference and consideration that goes into each item in comparison to other brands.’



Whole Garment knitting
All our Garments are designed and made by hand, locally, at the Textile & Design Lab which is located in Auckland. The state of the art machine that we use there, significantly reduces manufacturing waste to almost zero. By using Whole-Garment Knitting, we are able to remove bulky seams, and only use the amount of yarn necessary for each item.
This means no offcuts ending up in landfill and allows us to produce in an ethical and sustainable way.  


Each Garment is personally designed, made, hand finished and quality checked by Charlotte. The TDL is fully certified and shares our values of promoting a happy, respectful and fair working environment for all.




NZ knitting machine for fashion