Our Fibers

We only use high-quality yarn from a trusted and established mill in Wellington that is capable of guaranteeing high-quality standards and ensuring animal welfare. Each individual ingredient below, is carefully selected, blended and dyed to perfection in their factory. The finished yarn is then sent to us, to make into Garments. We are proud to work with a like-minded, sustainability focused company.

 We believe the time has come to promote more responsible consumption, especially within the fashion industry. We must place a greater emphasis on the people behind the scenes, their environments and the conditions within which they work.



Merino Herd


Our merino is ZQ certified and supplied by The New Zealand Merino Company, a trusted and internationally recognised supplier known for their fully traceable supply chain. ZQ certified means that all involved are treated fairly and with respect. ZQ regularly checks that standards are being upheld by their farmers and supports local initiatives that give back to both communities and nature.  Learn more here




Possum down fiber


We choose to use possum fiber because of the amazing benefits of its lightness, insulation and silky-soft feel. Possum is the only fibre on the planet known to have the same characteristic as Polar Bear fur. When blended with cashmere and merino, the possum fiber creates a pill-resistant and anti-static fabric that can be worn season after season and still look as new as the day it was purchased. Each year Possums destroy thousands of hectors of native bush and forests, resulting in a loss of natural habitat and food for our own unique species. Possum control programmes have been put in place to try and protect our natives, and the fibre sourced is a by-product of those eradication programmes. It is collected from a small number of carefully selected regions, and only at certain times of the year. By purchasing possum fibre containing garments, you are supporting the re-establishment of NZ natural wildlife and contributing to NZ’s goal of becoming predator free by 2050.



Cashmere Goats


Cashmere fibre is measured in length and thickness, known as microns. The best quality Cashmere (15 - 16microns) comes from regions of high temperature fluctuation such as Mongolia and China. Our 15.2 micron Mongolian Cashmere was sourced via long-term relationships with proven ethical standards. It is then blended carefully in the Wellington factory with our local ingredients. With care, Cashmere is long lasting and becomes softer with age.




Mulberry Silk Fiber


Our 11 micron Mulberry silk fibres are imported by a dedicated sourcing team at Woolyarns, who have established long-term relationships with partners in China.  Chinese Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase. Mulberry silk is smoother, stronger, and more uniformly coloured than any other variety of silk. 






More info
For more information, or to watch the full fibre to yarn story, please head to the  dedicated Woolyarns website. You will find the video on the bottom of their home page. Alternatively you can head to the ZQ website for more information on what ZQ means.