About Me

I'm Charlotte, company founder and multi-tasker of the brand Charly. I create garments that can be worn at any time and in any situation. Something that is of quality, limited in edition, treasured and makes you feel special every single time you wear it. 



I began testing my knitwear in 2015 after falling in love with the luxurious softness of the Possum blended fibres. The lockdowns in 2020 forced countries to pause their production lines and the positive effect this stop had on the environment inspired me to come up with a plan, of how not to contribute to these issues any further. 

So after 6 long years of research, consistent wear and durability tests, I established NZ Charly knitwear from my family's lifestyle block in sunny little Gisborne. 

My passion for quality over quantity, zero waste, sustainability, environmental protection, ethical practises throughout the whole supply chain, and my commitment to supporting New Zealand made, are at the core of my company's values.