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Bouquet Base

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$60 NZD
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$60 NZD

Handcrafted small floral Vase. Rim decorated with flowers. Ideal for smaller, shorter bouquet of flowers or as a decorative piece.

All our ceramics are made by hand, using high quality clay and food safe glaze. Because everything is hand made you can be sure that you have something unique; no two items are exactly the same. In a world of mass production, we think that's pretty cool. 

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

While this Vase is dishwasher safe, we recommend  avoiding the dishwasher and opting for handwashing instead to ensure it lives a longer, happier life. Colour may fade over time in dishwasher.

Bouquet Vase measures 11.5cm high and 8cm across at the rim.

Photos are as accurate as possible but colours may vary slightly from one screen to another.