Why Possum?!

Why Possum?!

Why Possum you may ask yourself...


The Possum was introduced to NZ from Australia way back in the 1850's and because they have no natural predators here, they thrived on our lush natives, slowly destroying our forest, biodiversity and thus decreasing our own native species of animals. 

Their population drastically increases each year so, the New Zealand Government has added them to their 2050 Pest Free NZ Goal. 

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Aotearoa is experiencing a biodiversity crisis, so naturally, we want to help!

Not only does the Possum fibre have amazing insulating properties, it is so snuggly, and happens to be the only other hollow fibre that has the same properties as Polar Bear fur.

But best of all, when combined with Merino, it actually minimises pilling. Those pesky little bobbles, blips and knots that make your garment look old and scraggly, are finally a thing of the past.


So as well as all the benefits of keeping your garment looking and feeling new for longer, you are supporting New Zealand in reaching its goal!


Did you know!!!

We have the highest rate of threatened indigenous species in the world.



Our Yarn makers have a close association between New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) and the New Zealand Fur council. Together they ensure that the number of New Zealand Brushtail Possums are ethically, humanely and responsibly managed.

The Fibre is carefully sourced by a few qualified individuals, who only gather this during specific times of the year. 




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