The Knitty-gritty update

The Knitty-gritty update

My posts have been few & far between lately.

So here's the full update


To say lots has been happening would be an understatement.


Between moving house and the chaos that goes with that, my manufacturer was impacted by Covid to the point of closure. This resulted in a lot of time and effort spent in finding a new manufacturer (tears & stress included).


I didn't want to choose just anyone, so my requirements were;


  • has to be locally based
  • shared values (removing waste, lowering impact on the planet, and giving back to the community/nature)
  • can uphold the same amazing quality
  • known for their knowledge of the industry
  • has a high level of experience


Finding someone that fits all of the above was tricky. NZ no longer has many manufacturers left, as most NZ labels choose to have their items made offshore to save a few $ on production costs. This doesn't help to keep the craft and talent alive in Aotearoa. Less demand means we only have a small community of technicians left but we are hoping that with the move to more sustainable purchasing, the skillset will slowly be brought back to our shores.


After lots of research and interviews, I found the perfect person. One that my lecturer from Uni (who was the one who got me into knitting in the first place) knew and could even vouch for. This added nod of approval sealed the deal for me.


With this news, I am happy to say we are still fully NZ-made, operated and crafted in Auckland.


Stay cosy


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