Lockdown reminiscence for the Angle Rib sweater!

Lockdown reminiscence for the Angle Rib sweater!

The peculiar combination of it simultaneously being week 7 of the current Covid19 lockdown and mental health awareness week, has reminded me that it is ok to miss "normal life". So I have spent the week remembering all the wonderful things I have taken part in and experienced up to the present day.

I love drawing on past experiences and memories to create unique pieces that reflect special moments in life. One of these many special moments is also the source of inspiration for one of my Garments.

The Angle Rib sweater was dreamt up during solitary early morning walks along the beach. Every year my family sets up camp, in the same spot, along the gorgeous Gissy coastline. Over the months of late spring to the end of summer, we soak up a different type of fresh air to the normal farm breeze.
We sway to an alternate tune, focusing on a different kind of slow-paced life. One with cool ocean breezes and sand whipping at your feet. With fresh crayfish from our pots and clear starry nights chatted away while the moon rises over the ocean.

In these "stuck at home" times I find myself yearning for a repeat of these memories of the ocean. Despite being completely and utterly over lockdown, I force myself to hope and to look forward to the feel of the sand between my toes again.

So lets stick it out together and focus on the positives to come!

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