How has it been a year!!??

How has it been a year!!??

Founder of NZ Charly Knitwear"Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?"

– C.S. Lewis

Hi, it's me Charlotte. Founder, multi-tasker and creator at Charly.⁠ This time last year I decided that after 6 years of testing my knitwear, I would finally make it available to the public.⁠

My first time setting up a market stall in my hometown of Gisborne was terrifying. After 5 hours of standing in the wind at my little camp table of knits awkwardly trying to interact with people, my doubts began to wash away and were replaced by the joy of seeing locals and visitors coo over the softness of my knits. I realised that so much of what we do is hindered by self-doubt and that regardless of how much you love and believe in your product, as soon as you place it in front of another person, the wave of anxiety of their potential opinion takes over.
So I just want to take a moment now to thank those of you that supported and encouraged me, or even kicked my butt into gear when I made excuses for why it couldn't possibly work... ⁠

Thank you, because of this I am now stocked in boutiques around NZ and cannot wait to add more to the list. ⁠


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