Dreaming up the Unisex Sports Sweater

Dreaming up the Unisex Sports Sweater

I love to reminisce, so I draw inspiration from my past travels, experiences and favourite places. Each sweater and each colour represents a moment in time, past but not forgotten, resulting in pieces that ingrain/ charge every day with a quiet specialness.

The Unisex Sports sweater was inspired by one of my all-time favourite NZ hikes. A tiny derelict backcountry DOC hut high up in the Te Urewera National Park. I have fond memories of sitting in this blissfully quiet spot, enjoying a tin cup of instant coffee with my family.

In order to get to the Manuoha hut one must face a challenging 8hr hike of steady, disorientating uphill torture. As your body adjusts to the shady climb you begin to notice all the different layers of the forest. From beginning to end you pass through various eco systems that range from lush rainforest to a moss covered type of fairy-tale dream, before you emerge in the most serene of spaces one can ever imagine. This is the place to get away from your worries and daily stresses and just be!

Total Manuoha-Waikareiti Track is 32km and takes approx. 3 days one way

**Always let someone know where/when you will be hiking Pack lots of snacks to have during the hike and extra warm gear as temperatures drop at the hut even in the warmer summer months. 



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