A great classic Kiwi Yarn

A great classic Kiwi Yarn

The great Kiwi Classic!

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years I have seen the incredible amounts of waste that are produced in the process from manufacture to retailer.
I care deeply about how items are produced and believe it is collectively the industry's responsibility to make sustainable and environmentally friendly options available. By only putting sustainable and high-quality items into the market, we can change fast fashion and leave the world better for future generations.
I am proud to have established a relationship with Perino Yarns who responsibly source and produce my yarn as well as Auckland University of Technology where I studied and now manufacture each item.

Over the next few weeks, I would like to introduce you to my Fibre and colour selection.

I will start this off by introducing you to the great Kiwi classic.

Chosen for its timeless colour and multipurpose thickness, this yarn reminds me of childhood fishing trips to the Tolaga Bay Warf and sausages on a stick, slowly sizzling over the campfire.
"Chocolate" is a heavier weight yarn made from 100% New Zealand ingredients. (50% Merino, 50% Possum) Perfect for the cooler months, this fibre is hypo-allergenic, tough, snuggly-soft and incredibly insulating.

Thanks to the possum down, garments are strongly resistant to any pilling and drastically lighter than your average sweater.
Merino used is ZQ certified, sustainable and has fantastic anti-microbial properties making your garments stay fresher for longer. 
The blend of these two incredible fibres creates a fabric that transports moisture away from the body and regulates the wearer’s temperature, making it perfect for all cooler seasons type of weather.

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