Washing your Merino Snuggle Socks

Washing your Merino Snuggle Socks

There are so many reasons I love wool socks;

Odour resistant, keeps you toasty while also being breathable, warm even when wet (perfect for those weekend hikes) but my favourite one is probably not having to wash them as often as you would for normal socks. Just let them air out overnight.

Because seriously, who actually enjoys doing the laundry?

Another great benefit to this is that you can actually pack less when heading off on an adventure. This leaves a bit more space for other things you might like to bring along instead. 

When the time does come to wash your snuggly wool socks, treat them with the same care as you would with any woollen item


  • If out exploring or unable to get to a washing machine, you can handwash in cool water with a gentle detergent. Be careful not to stretch and twist the socks especially when removing excess water.


  • Or if you are home / have access to a washing machine, turn your socks inside out, pop them in a washbag (just for extra protection) 
  • Set your washing machine to the wool setting on cold. If there is no wool cycle option, then just use the cold water wash or a delicate wash. The main thing to remember, regardless of how you are washing your woollens, is that you use a cold setting, so that the water is not above 24 degrees C.
  • To dry simply lay them flat or pin up on the line out of direct sunlight.


Please remember to use a Wool grade detergent, or a mild, gentle detergent. This ensures that the wool fibres are properly cared for and your items will last so much longer.

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