Love at first touch

Love at first touch

⁠Let me introduce you to my ultimate favourite yarn.

Chosen for its velvety softness and ultra-lightweight feel, this yarn reminds me of precious time spent with my grandfather. Like a childhood blanket, it supplies both comforting warmth and reassurance. 

Made from luxury fibre ingredients, this feathery yarn is made from  40% Cashmere, 40% Possum, 20% Silk and is available in a careful curation of colours.

Perfect for year-round wearing, this fibre is hypo-allergenic, snuggly soft and surprisingly tough. Cashmere is the ultimate luxury fibre known for its buttery soft feel often leading to “love at first touch”. When blended equally with delicate possum down, the resulting garments are strongly resistant to any pilling, easy to care for and drastically lighter than your average sweater. Mulberry silk is added for that beautiful enhancing touch of lustre and strength.

The blend of these delightful fibres creates a sense-awakening fabric that transports you to a place of pure luxurious bliss.

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