Kiwi with a twist

Kiwi with a twist

All the warmth with a touch of luxury.

One of the things that got me thinking about launching my knitwear was the experience of watching my little brother's Saturday morning sports games.


The image of mothers and caregivers nursing their coffee in the unspoken uniform of gumboots, gloves/beanies and usually some form of a windbreaker or raincoat was almost comical. Some brought chairs and blankets just to survive the chill - meanwhile the kids, as if immune to the cold, would be running around happily with their teammates. I would watch as parents stood there cheering them on. Secretly we were all silently praying for it to end so that we could stop freezing at some ridiculous hour of the morning and just go back to bed.


It was on one of these mornings that a fellow cheerleader approached me about my jumper. Everyone was rugged up and she kindly offered me a blanket thinking I had come unprepared without a jacket. I mentioned my sweater and how cosy I was even without a jacket when she asked what it was made from.

Her amazement made me realise that not a lot of kiwi's know about the amazing fibre blend that is 100% locally made.

Gone are the days of freezing during Saturday morning sports events. Made from 65% Fine ZQ Merino 25% Brushtail Possum, 10% Mulberry Silk carefully blended together to create a light and seductively soft fabric.
Available in 2 weights to perfectly adjust to your climate.

Winter weight comes in colour Kiwi (brown)

Summer - Sun yellow

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